Two Prong Outlet

Dealing With a Faith That Doesn't Quite Fit In

The Virgin Mary, Heresy, Orthodoxy, and Me?

Can you see the forest in spite of the trees? Imagine a group of people on a hike through a vast and uncharted forest.  On the other side of the forest lies a great treasure; this much, the group is... Continue Reading →


Resolutions or Plans?

Resolutions stink, am I right?   How's that diet coming 5 days in? Last year, 2016, we made a resolution together to read the Bible through in "chronological" order.  It didn't stink - it stuck.  Why? In my estimation, it... Continue Reading →

#366/366 – The Year in Review

#366/366 - The Year in Review Well, that's all folks.  It's finished. I'd like to thank you for reading, for commenting, and most of all for your prayers.  Tending to this site each day has been a labor of love... Continue Reading →

Two Prong Outlet?

Why Two Prong? For a few years, I ran a site called Thinking on These Things.  Initially, it was your run-of-the-mill Bible study site.  In 2016, I along with some people from church and across the nation committed to reading... Continue Reading →

#365/366 – Revelation 19-22

#365/366 - Revelation 19-22 Understand - Well, here we are.  Day 365.  Last four chapters of the Bible.  One problem, though.  The Bible Gateway plan didn't allow for leap day so we have one extra day with no reading scheduled.... Continue Reading →

#364/366 – Revelation 12-18

#364/366 - Revelation 12-18 Understand - Let's talk about 666, shall we? Have you ever been in line at Wal-Mart and your total is $6.66?  Do you quickly buy a pack of gum to avoid eternal damnation?  I've seen it... Continue Reading →

#363/366 – Revelation 6-11

#363/366 - Revelation 6-11 Understand - As I mentioned yesterday, it is difficult to comment on Revelation in this short style.  Throughout this whole year, I've been trying to pick up on something that sticks out to me or something... Continue Reading →

#362/366 – Revelation 1-5

#362/366 - Revelation 1-5 Understand - Needless to say, we are not going to arrive at a healthy theology of The Revelation in four days.  Better people than I have spent four decades on Revelation research and still there are... Continue Reading →

#361/366 – 2-3 John

#361/366 - 2-3 John Understand - Yesterday we talked about an early test of Christian fellowship.  One that wasn't based on different opinions but one that was based on the truth of Jesus' incarnation. There is a familiar passage in... Continue Reading →

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