Podcasts are a great way to fill up on God’s word or other satiable items when it otherwise doesn’t make sense to read.  I’ve found podcasts incredibly beneficial while working in the workshop, driving, or just piddling around the house.  Here are some of the best I’ve found.

(You can find these on iTunes or whatever podcast service you use as well)

The Naked Bible Podcast – Dr. Michael Heiser

Usually weekly and about 60 minutes in length.  Topics are Bible study related and are usually on topics that you’d never imagine studying.

Sermons by Timothy Keller

Keller is an eloquent speaker and theologian.  I listen to his sermons because they are both practical and full of theological meat.

The Morning Offering by Abbot Tryphon

Short daily thoughts to get your day headed in the right direction.  Ancient Faith Radio has tons of Podcasts on a myriad of subjects from Bioethics to Sexuality.  The host of Ancient Faith Podcasts can be found here.  You’re bound to find something you like.

The Bible Project

Great source for Bible study and the videos are both theologically powerful and entertaining.

The following three are NPR staples and a fantastic source for storytelling.  The Bible is a story to be told and how you tell it is often just as important as the content.

The Moth

This American Life

Snap Judgment