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Dealing With a Faith That Doesn't Quite Fit In

#360/366 – 1 John

#360/366 - 1 John Understand - Christianity is divided.  Need proof?  Look in a phone book.  (Those still exist, don't they?)  Without a doubt, the fragmenting of the Church has proliferated in the past 500 years and it doesn't appear... Continue Reading →


#359/366 – 2 Peter, Jude

#359/366 - 2 Peter, Jude Understand - This past August, I started something that I've always wanted to do - I began working on a Masters in Divinity.  Currently, I'm studying at Abilene Christian University.  The first semester is over... Continue Reading →

#358/366 – 2 Timothy

#358/366 - 2 Timothy Understand - Reading through the letters of Paul to Timothy, I've had several "AHA!" moments.  Moments where lights came on that I didn't even know existed.  I cherish these moments.  I'll give you an example from... Continue Reading →

#357/366 – Hebrews 11-13

#357/366 - Hebrews 11-13 Understand - The way I read Hebrews changed (I should have said this 2 days ago) when I realized that Hebrews is not a letter and questions about authorship are misguided at best.  It's not a... Continue Reading →

#356/366 – Hebrews 7-10

#356/366 - Hebrews 7-10 Understand - Do you struggle with guilt?  I think to some degree, we probably all do.  But why does the Christian struggle with guilt? “The old system under the law of Moses was only a shadow,... Continue Reading →

#355/366 – Hebrews 1-6

#355/366 - Hebrews 1-6 Understand - I've read many books this year.  I checked my Goodreads account yesterday and it said I was at 63 books.  With my current menu, I may make it to 70 by the end of... Continue Reading →

#354/366 – 1 Peter

#354/366 - 1 Peter Understand - I have learned so much this year.  It's shocking to me that we only have 12 days left.  Do you want to know the single most important thing I've learned this year?  I learned... Continue Reading →

#353/366 – Titus

#353/366 - Titus Understand - Recently, I've been studying the Christian calendar along with it's appointed days of observance and meaning.  I understand this is nothing new for many Christians, but for me, in my particular heritage, we have not... Continue Reading →

#352/366 – 1 Timothy

#352/366 - 1 Timothy Understand - I'm going to try and avoid another colossal post today.  Let's see how that goes. “First of all, then, I urge that requests, prayers, intercessions, and thanks be offered on behalf of all people,... Continue Reading →

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