Just because I list these blogs here does not imply that I agree with everything that is posted there.  These blogs are the blogs that I read on a regular to semi-regular basis.  Quite often, these authors will have meaningful content and other times it will be so-so but it’s good more often than not.  The common denominator that you will find in all these examples is that the author’s opinions are usually the result of good, critical thinking.  That is hard to find.  There are millions of blogs out there in the so-called realm of “Christian Middle Earth” – I hope I can help you sort through some of the coal to find the diamonds.

(In Alphabetical Order by author’s last name)

Timothy Archer’s Kitchen of Half-Baked Thoughts

Richard Beck’s Experimental Theology

Matt Dabbs’ Kingdom Living

Fr. Lawrence Farley’s No Other Foundation

Jay Guin’s One In Jesus

Michael Heiser’s Naked Bible

Steven Hunter’s Classicly Christian

Larry Hurtado’s Blog

Kevin Pendergrass’ For the Love of Truth

Thom Rainer

Multiple Authors – Evangelical Textual Criticism Blog


Reading is essential – no way around it.  Here’s the argument.


God is infinite.


I am finite.


What I know about God today is not all there is to know and I can’t possibly be aware of what I don’t know.

Today’s self is the most ignorant version of yourself if you commit yourself to reading.

My Bookshelf:
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Follow me on Goodreads to browse my bookshelf and consider reading this books that have been absolute game changers for me.  All these authors are amazing, prolific, and faithful writers.  I’ve only listed one book for each author but their other works are not to be ignored.

Unseen Realm – Dr. Michael Heiser (I’ve not read any of his Non-Fiction that wasn’t stellar)

Lost World of Genesis 1 – Dr. John Walton (Same for Walton, nearly everything is off the chart)

Surprised by Hope – N.T. Wright (What can I say, read everything he writes, please?)

The Bible Tells Me So – Peter Enns (Haven’t been disappointed with anything he’s written yet)

Inhabiting the Cruciform God – Michael Gorman (Heavy reading, but worth the struggle)

Reviving Old Scratch – Richard Beck (Again, consider The Slavery of Death too.)

The Blue Parakeet – Scot McKnight (You can rely on him for consistently good Scholarship)